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Home Purpose Board Presentation

Letter From Board Chair to GSA Community

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Dear fellow members of the GreySheet fellowship,

I have been asked by my fellow board members to take on the position of chair to the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Board. This is an assignment I take on with deep humility. I understand the huge responsibility this position represents, and I will do my utmost to be trustworthy of it.

My first thought when writing this is of our former chair Marvin A., of his vision and passion for our community. He has held the beacon high and guided our way; without him and numerous others that in the last decade or so have paved our path into our own fellowship, we would not have come so far. I salute you Marvin A. and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is because of people like you that I'm GreySheet abstinent.

I, like Marvin A., and so many of you, have a vision of my fellowship. It is of a strong and thriving fellowship of people weighing & measuring their food. I see it growing worldwide as people get more and more guided to the solution we have.

In my mind, there is no coincidence that the salvation of this century, the solution of the 12 steps, was brought to the sickest of the sick, to AA members and later us the low bottom gluttons of the world. From the recovery we receive, we give hope, that even we can get well.

As our disease will be acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) and accepted as one, more people will realize what is really wrong with them and we will have more people join our fellowship. History of AA shows this as truth.

GSAWSB primary work

The primary work of our GSAWSB (GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Board) is to formalize our fellowship with a World Service Conference. As many of you know, we have already set the date for it to be held mid August of 2010 in Chicago.

What we have accomplished is to get a service structure started. Meetings all over the world are appointing their GSR's, and Intergroups are being formed. They will be the voting delegates at the World Service Conference.

To aid in this work, and to add to transparency and open communication between our board and the community, we will initiate a monthly report about the GSAWSB progress toward the conference and other issues being voted on.

This report will be sent to the Greynet, Intergroup representatives and all GSR's to read and/or distribute at their meetings.

GSA primary purpose

We are in our early days as a fellowship, but we have an advantage which is our elders, people with long term abstinence, shining examples of what our solution is all about. People that have walked the walk before us and showed us the way to recovery. Now it is our privilege to walk in their path and further our primary purpose, which is and always will be to, "carry the message to the suffering compulsive overeater."

Yours in service; NMW Esther Helga


Home Purpose Board Presentation