Register yourself as an Individual Outpost if you are the only GreySheeter in your town, city, state, country, or region AND you do not intend to start a GSA meeting in the near future AND you have at least 90 days of back to back GreySheet abstinence. If you conduct a meeting regularly, even if you are the only regular attendee, register that meeting instead. Individual Outposts will be represented at the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference which sets policy for GreySheeters Anonymous World Service. Individual Outposts also serve to carry the message by acting as the local contact for GreySheet in their area.

Or Download Form and Mail: Outpost Registration Form (.pdf)
Email to the webservant: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or

Snail mail to:  GSA World Services, Cherokee Station, PO Box 20098, New York, NY 10021-0061