GreySheeters Anonymous

How to Get an Event Listed on

GSA Events may be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that to protect the anonymity of members, we do not print personal phone numbers or email addresses that contain both first and last name.

What to Send

Event info in Plain Text

  • Name of Event
  • Event dates and times
  • Event location or Zoom info
  • Event contact info. No personal phone numbers or email addresses with your full name.
  • Brief description of event

We need this so that

  1. We can easily copy it and paste it into the event listing
  2. GSA members can copy and paste it to put into their Zoom chat windows when announcing the event.

1200 x 630 Poster Image for Slider

  • Right now the slider displays images at a 7 : 3 ratio. That's similar to the standard Facebook sharing image, so you don't have to create separate images for FB and the website.
  • It's best not to put all your text onto the image. (It looks cluttered and it's bad for accessibility.) If you are adding text, keep it to the most critical details, like event name, date, and Zoom ID.

PDF Flyer (for Printing)

This helps people to publicize your event:

  • Printing to share at live meetings (when they start again)
  • Sharing by email as an attachment.

Registration Link/Form

If the event requires pre-registration, please include either

  • A link to the online form or
  • A fillable PDF or Word document.

But I designed the flyer in Canva/Photoshop/PowerPoint/Word!

You can design your flyer using any software that's comfortable for you, as long as it has a "Save As" or "Export" function. Once it's ready, save it in the following forms:

  • As a JPG or PNG image, which you can crop in a photo editor
  • As a PDF, for people to share and print.
  • As an RTF, DOCX, or TXT file, to get the plain text

This helps us get your event posted faster and saves GSAWS money. Thank you!

Upcoming Events

These are members' descriptions of the three-fold nature of compulsive eating and how the GreySheet program addresses each.

The following is a collection of 72 NMW (No Matter What) stories told by fourteen writers in a GSA writing group. We hope you'll enjoy them and get a glimpse into how "WE ALL STAY ABSTINENT NMW".