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Webinar for Committees on Preparing Reports and Motions

March 1st is the Deadline for Board and Committee Reports & Motions!

April 1st, delegates will download your reports, motions, and related materials from Will your committee be ready?

WSC2019 is September 20th – 22nd, 2019 in Chicago. Delegates from intergroups, groups, and the board will be considering motions from the board and all seven conference committees:

  1. Archives
  2. Communication
  3. Conference
  4. Finance
  5. Literature
  6. Public Information
  7. Structure

Grainne M. will offer two Zoom sessions for the board and committee members to review the Guide to Preparing Your Report. Come hear issues raised by other committees and ask your own questions.

Please read the four-page Guide beforehand (but come to the session even if you don’t!)

Click the appropriate link to register for either or both sessions and receive the link to join:

Saturday December 15th  11:30 am ET

Monday December 17th  8:00 pm ET

Questions? Contact Grainne

Thanks to the European Intergroup for the use of their Zoom account!