Start Up Sponsor Team Training

9:30 am -11:00 am ET

Interested in helping a brand-new beginner get started in the GreySheet program? Join the Start Up Sponsor Team! We offer training every quarter (November, February, May, August) on the last Saturday at 9:30am ET for 90 minutes.

Every month, about 30 people find GreySheeters Anonymous for the first time but struggle to find a sponsor to explain the program, answer their questions, and start them off on their GreySheet abstinence.

The Start Up Sponsor Team is a group of GreySheeters Anonymous sponsors with one year of GreySheet abstinence who start off newcomers. The Start Up Sponsor sponsors the newcomer while helping them find a permanent sponsor.

Requirements to Serve on Start Up Sponsor Team

  1. Monitor WhatsApp for text from SUS Team Coordinator. Within two hours, respond whether you are available or not.
  2. Accept your share of newcomers, i.e., occasionally be available.
  3. Start off newcomers according to the Start Up Sponsor Guide which aligns with the report GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Sponsor Guidelines.
  4. Serve as the newcomer’s temporary sponsor by answering their questions and taking their daily food commitment until they find a permanent sponsor.
  5. Help the newcomer find a permanent sponsor by connecting them with known qualified sponsors in their city, state, country, and time zone and of their gender.
  6. Help the newcomer attend meetings by providing the passcode or PIN and encouraging them to commit to at least three meetings a week.
  7. Help the newcomer connect with other GSA members by encouraging them to join the GSA Phone List and call at least three people daily.
  8. Encourage the newcomer to ask their permanent sponsor for a printed copy of the GreySheet food plan and to ask their sponsor to go over it with them.
  9. Start Up Sponsors commit to not take on all the newcomers as permanent sponsees so that they continue to be available for newcomers.

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Event Information

Event Date 11-25-2023
Event End Date 11-25-2023
Location Zoom
Categories Service Events
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