GreySheeters Anonymous

Getting Started

We are delighted you are interested in joining GreySheeters Anonymous to experience freedom from compulsive eating through GreySheet abstinence.

The first step is to find a sponsor.


A qualified GreySheet sponsor is someone who has at least 90 days of back to back, uninterrupted GS abstinence. A sponsor explains how to weigh and measure without exception from the GreySheet and provides a copy of the GreySheet.

Sponsors are available at:

GreySheet Food Plan

You can get started without the actual food plan, so don't feel you must wait. All you need is a sponsor.

The GreySheet food plan comes with a sponsor. We do not distribute the food plan to those who are not willing to work with a sponsor to become abstinent. Qualified sponsors can obtain copies of the Grey Sheet from their GSR or ISR.

Please email or call 832-856-1058 if you have other questions about getting started.

Good luck!