GreySheeters Anonymous

Group Conscience Format

Group Conscience

  • The Group Conscience is the collective conscience of the group's members, representing substantial unanimity on issues involving the group, before definitive action is taken.
  • Most groups conduct group conscience meetings once a month after their regular meeting at a pre-announced time.
  • Any member can participate in a group conscience meeting.
  • One General Service Representative (GSR) from each group is elected to represent the group as one voting member at the Intergroup / Area level.

Group Conscience Business Meeting Format

Adapted from Robert's Rules of Order
  • Meeting is opened with the Serenity Prayer.
  • Read The Twelve Traditions
  • Secretary reads Minutes from the last business meeting.
  • Minutes are approved as read and/or amended and approved.
  • Secretary gives his or her Report (Announcements).
  • Treasurer reads the Treasurer's Report, including 7th Tradition donations received and any expenses incurred.
  • Unfinished Business is conducted by following items listed on the Agenda.
  • Motions may be made and voted upon.
  • New Business is conducted (including, if necessary, elections of vacant Trusted Servant positions).
  • Next Business Meeting is scheduled.
  • Meeting is closed with the Serenity Prayer.