GreySheeters Anonymous

Motions and Documents for the WSC 2014

Board of Trustees

  • Motions for Next WSC     Word     PDF 

Communication Committee

  • Master List of Website Ideals     Word     PDF
  • "Service Matters" Newsletter Guidelines     Word     PDF

Finance Committee

  • Finance Committee Accomplishments 2014     Word     PDF
  • Finance Committee Recommendations 2014    Word     PDF
  • The GSA Group Treasurer     PDF
  • TriFold     PDF

Literature Committee (LC)

  • A Solution for Compulsive Eaters    PDF
  • Food Addict Motion     Word     PDF
  • Meeting Format     Word     PDF
  • Meeting Format Guidelines    Word     PDF
  • Meeting Guidelines    Word     PDF
  • CAL Logo    Word     PDF
  • Readings    Word     PDF
  • Solution to Change     PDF
  • STC Motion     Word     PDF
  • Youth Flyer    Word    PDF

Logistics (Conference) Committee

  • Conference Logistic Committee Motion    Word     PDF

Public Information Committee

  • GSA Brief History - added to the Final Edition of the Manual Below    Word    PDF
    GSA PI Public Information Manual 2014 - Final Edition    Word    PDF
    GSA PI Public Information Manual 2014    Word    PDF
  • GSA PIC Proposed Motion for GSAWS 2014    Word    PDF
    GSA Wallet Card_Final     Word    PDF

Structure Committee

  • GSA WSC Structure Committee Reports     Word     PDF