Nominating Committee Minutes

Regular Meeting and Contact

First Thursday of the month at 2030 ET via Zoom

Contact email address:


The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to select qualified candidates for nomination by the World Service Conference and election by the Board of Trustees to serve on the Board of Trustees. In years without a World Service Conference, the Nominating Committee suggests candidates directly to the Board of Trustees.



Since our last report, submitted in March 2019, the Nominating Committee met twice a month until the World Service Conference in September.

At World Service Conference 2019, we were approved to become a stand-alone committee rather than a subcommittee of the Structure Committee; our nominating process was approved; and the six candidates suggested by the Nominating Committee were all nominated by the conference and elected by the board.

Since October, we have met monthly to select five additional and three replacement candidates for three trustees unable to complete their terms. Our goal is thirteen trustees and representation from all areas of the GreySheet world. The candidates we nominated were all elected by the Board of Trustees and are currently serving.


During 2020-2021, we plan to identify a trustee from Europe, to recruit trustees to replace any of the Class One trustees who do not wish to serve a full three-year term starting in October 2020, and to replace any trustee unable to complete their term. Currently Ofer, Tara, and Anne have expressed interest in serving a full three-year term in October.

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