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Is GSA for You?

Can GSA Help Me?

Are you obsessed with food?

Are you unable to control your eating?

After beginning to eat, are you at times unable to stop, even if you really want to?

Do you eat to avoid feelings?

Are you overweight? Are you underweight?

Do you feel elated when you eat sugar, starches, and/or other carbohydrates?

Do you eat to change the way you feel?

Have you been unable to maintain long-term control of your eating?

Have you been unable to manage your weight despite doctor’s orders?

Are you tired of endless yo-yo dieting?

Have you eaten even when you were not hungry?

Are you tired of trying to manage your weight by fasting, exercising or dieting?

Have you tried virtually every diet and weight loss program available?

Have you considered stomach surgery to manage weight?

Have you tried bingeing and purging with or without laxatives?

Do you have inordinate cravings for particular foods?

Do you turn to food to get you through stressful or emotional situations?

Have you used medication, diet pills, or supplements to manage weight?

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or nervousness?

Have you unsuccessfully tried counting calories or counting points?

Do you “crash,” fall asleep or feel tired after eating?

Have you experienced a “foggy” feeling or less productivity after binge eating?

Do you find that you eat during the night or while you are asleep?

Do you have sleep difficulties due to your eating?

Have you ever been treated for a medical problem related to your eating?

Do you have problems at work or in relationships as a result of your eating?

Do you love and/or hate food and what it does for/to you?

Have you experienced initial success in other food recovery programs, but been unable to maintain long-term abstinence?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, you may be a compulsive eater, and GSA can help you.

Learn How GreySheeters Anonymous Works

Click each heading below to find out more about the program of GreySheeters Anonymous and how you can begin the journey to freedom from your obsession with food.

Especially for Newcomers

If you're new to GSA, welcome! If you're returning to GSA after time away, welcome back!

Read Our Stories

GreySheeters Anonymous members tell their own stories of addiction and recovery.

Abstinence and the Food Plan

Eating three weighed and measured meals a day with nothing in between can be life-changing. The GreySheet food plan eliminates the foods that cause our uncontrollable cravings.

Tools for Recovery

When we join GreySheeters Anonymous, we need to learn how to live without overeating, undereating, or purging. Instead of picking up the food, we pick up these tools to help us address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our disease.

Working the Program

We say that GSA "Works if you work it." Learn what it means to work the GreySheeters Anonymous program.

Take the Next Step

In order to get started, you need a sponsor, a copy of the GreySheet food plan, a measuring cup, a food scale, and a lot of willingness. You can start your journey to recovery in any of the following places.

Find a Meeting

The best way to know whether or not GreySheet is for you is to attend at least six GSA meetings and see if you can identify with other members. Face-to-face, phone, and online meetings are available to members around the world.

Find a Sponsor

A qualified GreySheet sponsor is someone who has at least 90 days of back to back, uninterrupted GS abstinence. A sponsor explains how to weigh and measure without exception from the GreySheet food plan and provides a copy of the GreySheet.

Talk to a GreySheeter One-to-One

Our Area Contacts welcome inquiries about GreySheeters Anonymous and can help you with your next steps. All are qualified GreySheet food sponsors who have agreed to respond to email within 48 hours. You can also email or call our 24-hour voice mail at +1 832-856-1058

You may ask, "Can I do it?"

Yes, the key is within yourself. All you need is honesty, willingness and an open mind.

Many of the things you hear will sound strange at first. Just listen to the new ideas. Let them flow over you. Give these concepts time to settle.

A choice is open to you. You can choose to become responsible to yourself, for yourself. Learn, one day at a time, to like and love yourself. Recovery begins here. The choice is yours.

Keep coming back!

Questions extracted from "A Solution for Compulsive Eaters." Closing quotation from the GreySheet food plan.

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