GSA Literature

Order or download GreySheeters Anonymous Conference-Approved Literature here. Short-form literature (less than 2000 words) is available to download and print for yourself or your group. Click the item to view or download it. You may be directed to a third-party website to purchase books.

These guides are designed for GSA members who are taking on a new role as trusted servant of a GSA group or intergroup.

These books and pamphlets provide experience, strength, and hope on attaining and maintaining GreySheet abstinence and working the Twelve Steps of GreySheeters.

Created by the Public Information Committee to help GSA members, groups, and intergroups to carry the message of GreySheet recovery to the compulsive eater who still suffers. 


Five true stories about young people caught in the vise of miserable overeating and how they got free.

Are you puzzled by expressions GSA members use? Learn what GreySheet terms and slogans mean.

Introduces the GreySheeters Anonymous program and GreySheet abstinence to newcomers. Find out how GSA can help you and how to get started.

Introduces the GSA program to medical and mental health professionals. Includes a list of questions that help identify compulsive erates.

This guide to service covers everything a new GSA group treasurer needs to know.

Introduces the concept of anniversary donations for GSA members to commemorate the founding of GSAWS and their own abstinence.

Living Abstinent: GreySheeters Anonymous members share strategies for navigating life in abstinence

Living Abstinent was written by GSA members and offers a solution for people who are addicted to food: who compulsively overeat, undereat, or binge and purge. We were inspired to share our strategies for maintaining long-term freedom from compulsive eating.

Your purchase of GSA literature through the website helps to support our fellowship. Each sale gives a donation to GSA World Services. We receive very little from sales from other vendors and our prices are competitive.

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