Especially for Newcomers

If you can’t stop thinking about food...

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works...

If your eating interferes with your work and home life...

If you’re miserable no matter what size you are...

You’re in the right place.

One meal at a time.

Don’t worry about whether you can do GreySheet for the rest of your life—or even the rest of the week.

All you have to do is make it to your next weighed and measured meal without eating. 

If you go to bed abstinent, it’s a successful day.

Don’t quit before the miracle.

I thought I would never stop eating compulsively. I was in constant fear and darkness and felt alone. 

I gave up, and didn’t know what else I could do. So I prayed for an answer I could not imagine.

Then I found GSA. It was like entering a light-filled doorway after being in the dark for so long.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The only requirement for membership in GreySheeters Anonymous is the desire to stop eating compulsively. You do not have to fill out an enrollment form or pay a fee before you can start, and you do not have to order any special supplements or meal substitutes. Most of our short-form literature is available to download and print for free. 

Abstinent food is available at ordinary supermarkets, though you will notice that fresh proteins, fruits and vegetables cost more than the high-starch processed foods most of us eat before coming to GSA. 

Each group does ask for voluntary contributions to cover expenses like renting a meeting room or using a webconferencing service. Members who have had success in the program and are financially able to do so are encouraged to contribute, but never forced to.

What to Do Next

The best way to experience the GreySheeters Anonymous program is by attending a GreySheet meeting.

Talk to a GSA Member

Talk to a GSA Member

Find a sponsor to help you get started or just talk to an abstinent GSA member about the program.

Attend a GSA Meeting

Attend a GSA Meeting

Meetings happen around the clock, around the world, in person, on the telephone and on video.

Attend a GSA Event

Attend a GSA Event

Join other abstinent compulsive eaters to share experience, strength, hope and fellowship. 

Literature for Newcomers

These publications are designed especially to help newcomers learn more about the GreySheeters Anonymous program of recovery.

Journey Into Daylight: Escaping from the Fist of Food

Five true stories about young people caught in the vise of miserable overeating and how they got free.


A Solution for Compulsive Eaters

Find out how GSA can help you with your eating problem and how to get started with the GreySheet solution.


GreySheet Definitions and Slogans

From DENMW to #10 Meal, learn what the terms and slogans you hear GSA members using mean.


Living Abstinent

Written by GSA members with many years of abstinence, this book offers strategies for maintaining long-term freedom from compulsive eating.

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