Personal Safety Committee

Personal Safety Guidance from your Board of Trustees

The GreySheet community is a microcosm of the world and as such, it is vulnerable to the same challenges as any group of people. A recent incident has highlighted the need for our fellowship to consider the issue of safety for our members and consider policies and procedures to address inappropriate behavior both in and outside of GSA meetings and events.

We are guided by the First Tradition, “Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends upon GSA unity.” We also learn from the experience of Alcoholics Anonymous in addressing issues of safety, violence, and personal conduct (see links).

GreySheeters Anonymous World Services Board of Trustees recommends that all GreySheeters Anonymous intergroups and groups consider how they can promote appropriate behavior and safety for their members, both in and outside of meetings and events.

As a first step, the Board of Trustees recommends that all GreySheeters Anonymous groups consider including in their meeting formats a statement regarding appropriate behavior and safety. We recommend that the statement offer options for members who have questions or feel uncomfortable.

Possible Statement

Your personal safety is of utmost importance in our GreySheet community. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable with the behavior of another member in or outside of a meeting (including bullying, harassment or inappropriate conduct), please speak with your sponsor, a trusted servant of the meeting, or of the intergroup. Your safety is our first priority.

Personal Safety Committee

To explore possible next steps, the Board of Trustees has commissioned an ad hoc Personal Safety Committee. The Vice President of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services will chair the committee and recruit board members and members of the fellowship. The committee will explore approaches taken by A.A. and possibly other Twelve Step fellowships to protect members’ personal safety. They will write a report presenting their findings and recommending steps that GreySheeters Anonymous World Services and its member intergroups, groups, and event committees might adopt.

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