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The GSA Facebook Group is for announcements and communication within the fellowship only. It is open to current GSA members only. We encourage all GSA members to join the group and to post announcements about their group, intergroup, committee, event, etc. The group is for the kinds of announcements we might make in a GreySheet meeting when the leader asks, “Are there any GSA announcements?” Recovery events (roundups, retreats, gatherings, marathons) are first approved by the Public Information Committee for publication by GSA World Services LIST YOUR EVENT.

Request a link to join the GSA Facebook Group
Because the GSA Facebook Group is a private, secret group, the only way to join is through an invite from an existing member. Submit this form to the Social Media Task Force to receive a time-limited link within 48 hours. If you do not receive a link within 48 hours, email for help.

Guidelines for posting to the GSA Facebook Group

Additional Opportunities

Admins work as a team to ensure new subscribers are GSA members and that posts meet the guidelines. Current admins train and mentor new admins. The admin team works with the Communication Committee. Admins have one year of GreySheet abstinence and serve for one year.
The Area Contacts List is a list of first names and email addresses of GreySheeters in cities, states, or countries with no GSA group. It is a way for those interested in the GreySheet solution to contact someone in their area.
The GSA Phone List is accessible only by members using a username and password and is not used for any purpose other than allowing individual GSA members to contact other individual members. The GSA Phone List lists First Name, Last Initial, City, State, Country, Phone Number, Email Address and Abstinence Date.
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