Seventh Tradition Committee

The Seventh Tradition Committee is a GSAWS Board of Trustees committee that was formed at the beginning of 2020 when the Board of Trustees discovered that to implement all the requests of the fellowship that contribute to our primary purpose, maintain basic operations, set aside funds for the next conference, and establish a one-year prudent reserve, GSAWS would need double the annual Seventh Tradition donations in 2020 that it received in 2019. The committee meets monthly to work on ways to encourage Seventh Tradition donations through its "Share the Vision" plan.

Share the Vision Plan

The Vision for World Service is "Whenever anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food, they think of GreySheet." GSA World Services makes that vision a reality through its four core functions and the World Service Conference. All of the core functions (protecting the integrity of the GreySheet, the website, GSA literature, and public information activities) require funds in order to do their work.

1. Inform the Fellowship of our World Service Vision

Use quarterly Town Halls, presentations at GSA Events, liaison announcements at intergroup and committee meetings, Service Matters, they website, and ISR meetings to ask those involved to contribute. to answer the question, “Why does World Services need Seventh Tradition donations?”

 2. Achievements and Progress

Continue to communicate about what we GSAWS is doing in the areas of our core functions. Answers the question, “How is GSAWS using the donations?”

3. Report YTD Donations

Update the fellowship monthly throughout the year on our progress. Answers the question, “Did we meet last month’s donation target?”

4. Make It Personal

Inform the fellowship of each intergroup area’s share of the total target ($42,000 for 2022) based on their membership. Provide monthly feedback to the intergroups on their progress. Answers the question, “Did my intergroup area donate our share last month?”

Progress Report

Since its formation, the Seventh Tradition Committee has

  • Added a donation link and fundraising update to each issue of Service Matters.
  • Set up a Text to Donate line (Text NMW to 44-321) using GiveLively and offered Intergroups different codes to use so they get credit for donations made at their events and meetings.
  • Set up a Wise (formerly Transferwise) account to allow GSA members overseas to donate without paying PayPal's high fees for  currency conversion. (Contact for information.)
  • Played a significant role in the record-breaking number of donations received in 2020 and 2021.


Make a Donation

Text "NMW" to 44-321 or visit our Donation page.

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