Calls for Writers

The Literature Committee is hard at work on more new books. The GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference has approved all three book concepts. We'd love to have input and contributions from the community as we develop them. GSA members will also have the opportunity to comment on the content before the books are published. Contact information for each book's subcommittee is in the book description.

Grey Sheet History Book

GreySheeters Anonymous offers a solution to the compulsive eater—the overeater, the bulimic, the glutton, the anorexic. Rooted deeply in Alcoholics Anonymous, the GSA fellowship adheres to a simple food plan and a spiritual solution to the physical, mental, and spiritual illness behind compulsive eating. 

After the founding of AA, multiple twelve-step fellowships emerged to address addiction to other substances or problematic behaviors, including food. Members of Overeaters Anonymous realized that certain foods contained the same ingredients as alcohol—that certain individuals were allergic to those sugars and grains and that any amount would set off the phenomenon of craving and compulsive eating—members of Overeaters Anonymous developed the GreySheet. For a time, OA members recovered using the GreySheet, but controversies led to schisms. As OA adopted “dignity of choice,” their fellowship split into multiple fellowships. GreySheeters founded a new fellowship, putting the GreySheet at its heart.

Here is the complete story of how and why the GreySheet was developed. What controversies surrounded its use in recovery from compulsive eating? Why did a separate fellowship emerge? Why is the food plan at the heart of the GSA fellowship? How did the GSA fellowship expand to a global community? What challenges does the fellowship face today? We will explore these questions and more as we study the history of GreySheeters Anonymous.

The Literature Committee and the GSA Archives Committee invite all GSA GSRs and ISRs to participate in this historical project by submitting stories and information about their groups and intergroups. These submissions will be compiled and included in the GSA History Book. Email for more information.

Complete the Questionnaire

Daily Reflections Book

Help create One Meal at a Time, the first book of GSA daily reflections.

The Literature Committee is creating a book of daily reflections, titled One Meal at a Time. It will be a resource GreySheeters will use for many decades to come. You can contribute to the project!

The book will be divided into two parts:

  • Part one will offer three short reflections for every day of the year. They will be 60 to 80-word reflections designed to be food for thought accompanying each meal that nourishes our bodies.
  • Part two consists of longer (250-300 words) reflections on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions for each month of the year. 

You are welcome to contribute your experience, strength, and hope to this project. Writers need to have at least 90 days of back-to-back GS abstinence. All reflections in the book will be anonymous. You can submit more than one contribution, and you are free to draw on your older writings/posts/reflections as long as you fit them into the format of this book.

For more information email

No previous writing or editing experience required - just willingness to be of service and share your experience, strength and hope on GreySheet recovery. Contact to find out how you can contribute.

GSA Twelve & Twelve (& Twelve)

After the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of GreySheeters Anonymous was published in 2015, the community was asked to give feedback about what they liked and didn’t like about the book. Unfortunately, that feedback was lost, and we would like those who have strong feelings about the book to re-send their thoughts or contribute new thoughts to the Literature Committee. We are working on a second edition of the book, which will include the Twelve Concepts, that we hope to publish in 2021. Please send all feedback to

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