Ordering GreySheets

The GreySheet Always Comes with a Sponsor

Without a sponsor to clarify and explain it, the GreySheet food plan is just a piece of paper with a diet on it. With a sponsor, however, the GreySheet food plan is transformed into a way of life that provides relief from the obsession with food and eating, as well as healing for the body, mind, and spirit. The GreySheet food plan must come from a qualified GreySheet sponsor; this is the only way you can obtain a bona fide GreySheet. If you are new to GSA, attend one or more meetings to find a sponsor. Once you have a sponsor, they will provide you a copy of the GreySheet.

Only Intergroups Can Obtain GreySheets from GSAWS

GSA World Services does not provide GreySheets to individual members, only to registered GSA Intergroups. Intergroups provide them to sponsors and groups. Groups provide them to sponsors. Sponsors provide them to sponsees. 

Intergroup officers (usually the Intergroup Service Representative (ISR), secretary, or treasurer) can email foodplan@greysheet.org to request copies of the GreySheet food plan and "GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Sponsor Guidelines." Include the name of the Intergroup, the number of printed GreySheets you need, and the full mailing address. 

Order GreySheets from Your Intergroup

Registered GreySheet groups obtain copies of the GreySheet food plan through their area intergroup. Contact information for each GSA intergroup is listed below. If a different intergroup officer manages distribution of GreySheets, the ISR will forward your email.

Connecticut CT-ISR@greysheet.org
Communidad Hispana ComunidadHispana-ISR@greysheet.org 
Europe Europe-ISR@greysheet.org
Iceland Iceland-ISR@greysheet.org
Israel Israel-ISR@greysheet.org
North East NorthEast-ISR@greysheet.org
New York Metro NY-ISR@greysheet.org
Phone Bridge PhoneBridge-ISR@greysheet.org
Southern States SouthernStates-ISR@greysheet.org
Western States WesternStates-ISR@greysheet.org

Does the Food Plan Cost Money?

GSAWS, Inc. underwrites the cost of printing and postage for distributing the GreySheet food plan to ISRs. Intergroups and groups may still charge sponsors for the GreySheet and/or for shipping and handling. There is no cost for electronic copies of the food plan and the Clarifications document.

Before Passing the GreySheet On

Make sure that the GreySheet you provide your new sponsee includes the disclaimer

"This document does not represent the entirety of the GreySheet food plan, which can only be provided by a qualified sponsor with 90 days of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence."

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