World Service Conference 2024

World Service Conference 2024

9th World Service Conference

Sunday October 27, 2024 with a world-wide internet failure date of Sunday November 3, 2024 on Zoom.

Registration will be open March-April 2024

Conference Start and End Times

Start Time
End Time
Time Zone
UTC Offset
San Francisco
6:15 am
11:30 am
UTC-7 hours
7:15 am
12:30 pm
UTC-6 hours
8:15 am
1:30 pm
UTC-5 hours
New York
9:15 am
2:30 pm
UTC-4 hours
1:15 pm
6:30 pm
2:15 pm
7:30 pm
UTC+1 hour
3:15 pm
8:30 pm
UTC+2 hours
4:15 pm
9:30 pm
UTC+3 hours

Check in 8:45am to 9:15am ET. No admission after 9:30am ET. Estimated end time 2:25pm ET.

All GSRs with one year of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence, ISRs with three years, Board of Trustees with five years, and World Service Specialists with one year eligible to register as delegates.

Documents to Download

Documentos en español para descargar


Committees Connecting Meetings

The Communication Committee holds monthly meetings for Committee chairs to talk about the work they're doing. These meetings are open to the entire fellowship. Find out what your trusted servants are up to!

Second Sunday every month at 12:00pm ET on Zoom ID 663 470 166, GSA Passcode.

Chairs & ISRs Meetings

The Chairs of the World Service Conference committees and the Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs) meet monthly to review proposals from the board and committees. The Chairs and ISRs share these proposals with their committees and intergroups and bring feedback back to the originating committees and board. Once approved by the Chairs and ISRs, proposals go to the Board of Trustees.

Chairs and ISRs may send a representative from their committee or intergroup if they are unable to attend. All GSA members are welcome as observers.

Second Saturday of every month at 11:30am ET on Zoom 991 269 012 GSA Passcode.

Event Information

Event Date 10-27-2024
Location Zoom
Categories Service Events
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