Summary of Binding & Non-Binding Motions

The World Service Conference of GreySheeters Anonymous adopted the motions and accepted the recommendations appearing in this summary.

Adopted motions are binding on GreySheeters Anonymous World Service. Recommendations are taken into consideration by the relevant service body within GreySheeters Anonymous World Service.

The summary only includes those motions with continuing effect, i.e., the motion was not simply a procedural decision made during one conference, for that conference, but a motion expected to have relevance for GreySheeters Anonymous World Service at that time and in the future.

These motions and recommendations are abstracted from the Minutes of the World Service Conference. They were edited to remove the name of the committee that made the motion; to correct transcription, spelling, and grammar errors; and for consistency in format and terminology (for example, “Board of Trustees” is substituted for “board,” “Board,” “Trustees,” “Directors,” etc.). Some statements were also edited to add information, for example, the name of a referenced document, so that the statement can stand alone without the discussion documented in the Minutes.

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2013 Binding Motions

  • Adopt the simplified inverted triangle consisting of groups, Intergroups and World Service Conference/Board of Trustees.
  • Adopt the definition and description of an Intergroup with 5 to 20 meetings in a geographic zone conducive to meetings of the GSR’s.
  • Adopt the Transition Plan and Transition Proposal which is that for next year to continue to include as voting delegates GSRs (General Service Representative) and ISRs (Intergroup Service Representative) as well as Board of Trustees as voting delegates and the existing Intergroup Areas, but start to work with the fellowship to move towards the ultimate intergroup structure.
  • Replace the “Can’t Stop Eating” meeting information flyer on with the two versions submitted. Translation allowed. Template.
  • Accept the Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book”, the A.A. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and the A.A. Service Manual and the Twelve Concepts as traditional literature of GreySheeters Anonymous.
  • Adopt the current website as the official website of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service.
  • Engage an Information Technology professional to upgrade and maintain the
  • That the Conference Committee work with the Board of Trustees to bring forth the World Service Conference venue and, if there is an emergency, change the venue if necessary.
  • That the Board of Trustees, specifically the treasurer, terminate the relationship with the current auditing firm once the tax returns are confirmed in writing and brought up to date. Once terminated, Board of Trustees to find an accountant more able to assist with the audit and meet our needs. Treasurer or their designee to pick up all the records held by the current firm.
  • Accept the Shades of Grey compilation as a historical document of GSA.
  • Accept the Conference Approved Literature process.
  • Accept the copyrighted GreySheet food plan as Conference Approved Literature with the following conditions and amendments:
    1. Use the technology available to us to adopt the look of the food plan as close to the original copy as possible;
    2. AA's requested disclaimer and original steps be included in small print at the bottom of the Greysheet food plan as per their request;
    3. The reference to Overeaters Anonymous on the first page be taken out. Change the sentence to “historically there was a choice of three disciplined eating plans.
    4. Written copyright 1972 and copyright 2013 and Greysheeters Anonymous World Services Inc.
    5. Remove the labeling p/5 from the bottom of the document and write on the pamphlet conference-approved literature.
    6. Board and Literature Committee to make all these amendments in the best possible way.
  • Accept the concept of the Grey Book and advise the Literature Committee to work on it according to the Conference Approved Literature process. The book would include a history of GreySheeters Anonymous, a letter from a professional, and various chapters, also a text for each Step, Tradition and Concept with questions in the book to aid in working each, and personal stories. There would be an opportunity for input from the fellowship in terms of experience, strength, and hope.
  • World Service Conference form a Legal Committee.
  • Amend the bylaws to include:
    1. Board of Trustees must purchase Director’s and Officer’s insurance to indemnify the Board of Trustees members in order to encourage interested people to serve on the Board of Trustees.
    2. Board of Trustees may include one or more non-compulsive overeater as Class B Trustee(s), not to exceed 25 percent of the Board of Trustees' members.
    3. Change the fiscal year to the calendar year.
  • World Service Conference treasury fall under the Board of Trustees' tasks.
  • World Service Conference form an Archives caucus consisting of archivists from each of the standing committees.

2013 Nonbinding Recommendations

  • Bylaws be amended to specify that there be three officers: president, secretary and treasurer.
  • Requirement that the chair have previously been an officer or on the Board of Trustees be removed from the bylaws.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service engage part-time administrative support. Try first to contract with a professionally qualified GreySheeter volunteer with long time abstinence or equivalent person before looking outside the fellowship. That until such time that the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service will have funds for this service that we look for a volunteer for work that is needed. That the Fellowship Communication Committee writes the guidelines for this position in collaboration with the World Service Conference Logistics, Finance, Legal, and other committees who will also make use of the administrative support.
  • In the name of GreySheeters Anonymous unity, Fellowship Communication Committee affirms the Fourth Tradition of autonomy of each group except in matters affecting GSA as whole and that the World Service Conference issue no binding policies related to the internal functioning of any group or Intergroup. This would include such matters such as meeting formats, location of meetings, service position requirements, et cetera.
  • Board of Trustees to report to the fellowship quarterly using our new World Service structure, via the chairs of the standing committees and the ISRs and publish the report on
  • Given that we have established our service structure (the inverted triangle of groups, Intergroups and World Service Conference/Board), members of the fellowship to communicate with the Board or email via the link, instead of having further Communication Voting meetings and that the Board of Trustees to report to the fellowship quarterly on
  • Board of Trustees to follow the bylaws of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service as it relates to financial decisions and disclosure.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service to require transparency, all details of expenses and income. GSAWS to require timeliness of disclosure every quarter and sent out within two weeks of the end of the quarter; and GSAWS to require a specific date of each check or donation; and GSAWS to require everything be posted on the now official website of GSA.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service to fund annually, prior to each World Service Conference, a certified public accountants’ review of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service, Inc.'s books with the written report to be presented, via the Finance Committee, to the World Service Conference.
  • Intergroups and groups to familiarize themselves and review their individual federal and country's policies on tax liabilities and nonprofit 501(c)3 status.
  • Groups to maintain one to three months of prudent reserve and all excess after expenses, be donated by a percentage, determined by the group, to the Intergroup/GSAWS, and the Intergroups to mimic that and send to GSAWS.
  • Expenses for participation in World Service Conference for GSRs and ISRs and Board of Trustees members for next year and going forward be paid by their respective individual constituencies: the group, the Intergroup, and GreySheeters Anonymous World Services.
  • Board of Trustees to get legal counsel concerning the use of the GreySheeters Anonymous name in the book The GreySheet Recipes and inquire into the mention of proceeds in the book.

2014 Binding Motions

  • Have the World Service Conference within the next year and a half (instead of one year), the Board of Trustees stay on in their terms, and the ISRs and GSRs either stay on or leave as indicated by the groups that they serve. This to be a one-time event then to move back to an annual basis.
  • Next World Service Conference be held in 18 months in the Spring of 2016 in Boston.
  • Communications Committee to produce and distribute the e-newsletter, Service Matters, according to the published guidelines.
  • Archives Committee be established as a World Service standing committee with a chairperson, and if possible and available, a Board of Trustees member liaison. The purpose of the Archives Committee would be to collect, organize, categorize, copy, preserve electronically, and store GreySheeters Anonymous’ historically valued documents, digital material, printed materials and other items. The committee would replace the archives caucus; that is, members of the archives committee would not be expected to serve on two other World Service Committees as they currently are.
  • Bylaw changes and continue to work to make the bylaws internally compliant with New York Nonprofit Corporate Law:
    1. That in all instances throughout the bylaws where the word Chairperson appears it be changed to Chair and that in all instances throughout the Bylaws where the phrase Vice Chairperson appears it be changed to Vice Chair.
    2. The text of the Twelve Steps of GreySheeters Anonymous, the Twelve Traditions of GreySheeters Anonymous, and the Twelve Concepts for World Service of GreySheeters Anonymous be removed from Article 3 and placed as appendices to the bylaws, to be called respectively Appendix 1, Appendix 2, and Appendix 3. The current Appendix 1 be removed.
    3. Article III Section 2 Number and Composition:
      • 3. “The number of Trustees constituting the entire Board after the first annual meeting of the Board of Trustees be not less than ”
      • 4. The sentence “Subject to such minimum, the number of Trustees may be increased or decreased from time to time if so determined at a Conference and no decrease shall shorten the term of any incumbent Trustee.” be eliminated.
    4. “There shall be four officers of the Board of Trustees: the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary. … The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts off GSAWS funds in such banks or depositories as the BOT shall designate. He or she will make sure that the Treasurer’s Report is put on the website every month and file returns each year to the IRS, the Charities Bureau, and any other filings as may be required.”  The duties of the Secretary remain the same and the duties of an Assistant Secretary are eliminated.
    5. Remove Article III, Section 6, Removal, “Removal for cause shall mean: loss of abstinence, fraud or any other meaning of the term “cause” as set forth in the Service Manual.”
    6. Article IV OFFICERS EMPLOYEES AND AGENTS be changed in Section 1 Number and Qualifications to read “The Officers of GSAWS (“the Corporation”) shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.” Eliminated were Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and other such Officers, if any, including one or more Vice President [sic].
    7. Section 1 (Members), the sentence “Each member shall ascribe to and follow the principles of the GreySheet plan of eating which utilizes the program of GreySheeters Anonymous in arresting compulsive overeating.” be followed by the sentence, “The GreySheet plan of eating is defined as the version of the GreySheet currently copyrighted by GreySheeters Anonymous.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Literature use the term “compulsive eater” instead of the term “compulsive overeater.”
  • Suggested term of office for GSRs and GSR-elects be extended from the current suggested one year to two years.
  • World Service Conference to have two panels of delegates to serve rotating terms expiring in alternate years, the details to be determined by the Structure Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  • GSRs and ISRs be elected in the month following the conference for a two-year term with the recommendation that the new GSR or ISR serve as GSR-elect or ISR-elect for one year prior to the start of their two-year term.
  • Adopt the Twelve Steps of GreySheeters Anonymous with the change of “compulsive eater” instead of “compulsive overeater” in Step Twelve. Wherever we print the Twelve Steps, we will print the AA disclaimer. Since the GreySheet Food Plan is a historical document and somewhat separate from other literature, the wording of “overeater” to “eater” will not be changed on the GreySheet.
  • Adopt the Twelve Traditions of GreySheeters Anonymous and wherever printed that the AA disclaimer with the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous underneath [be] printed in small print.

2014 Nonbinding Recommendations

  • Finance Committee to focus on fundraising, to encourage new and existing members to contribute to GreySheeters Anonymous, to reach out to groups and Intergroups to follow 12-step model to find ways to raise significant money to donate to GreySheeters Anonymous World Service and intergroups within the prudent reserve monthly or quarterly donations, to encourage a shift in perception of our groups' expenses.
  • Each group to join or form an Intergroup. GreySheeters Anonymous members to support Intergroup and World Service financially on monthly or quarterly basis (each group is autonomous and determines the percentage above their prudent reserve).
  • Finance Committee to develop a financial policy and procedure manual with financial guidelines, per diem travel expenses, a three-bid process.
  • Communication Committee to use the master working list of website ideals.
  • Sufficient funding be allocated for Archives Committee support, safe deposit box, jump drives, et cetera.
  • Structure Committee to draft a service manual to provide information to GSA members on specific service-related topics, to reflect the guidance of 12 traditions, 12 concepts, Board of Trustees and shared experience of GSA groups and Intergroups. Since it will reflect the current group conscience of the fellowship as a whole, it will not undergo the usual GSA literature approval process, nor require final approval by the World Service Conference. It will be updated periodically under the auspices of the Board of Trustees to reflect current GSA experience with the listed proposed content. To include guidelines to groups to come together and form an Intergroup; if an Intergroup thinks it should be different than the approved Intergroup, then there be a way for them to request a change which would require approval of World Service Conference.
  • Committees of World Service Conference to involve other members of fellowship in completing specific tasks and projects if committee believes it would further the work of committee. Members of fellowship are willing to help on committees even though they may not want to be a GSR or an ISR and this would give them an opportunity to do so.
  • GSRs and ISRs whose groups and Intergroups intend to raise money to send them to the next World Service Conference be assigned to at least one WSC committee immediately after the previous WSC. Since Conference Committee has responsibility for registration including assignment of delegates to committees, Structure Committee to work with Conference Committee to implement.
  • Public Information Manual be posted on under Meeting Group Resources.
  • Remove from references to non-GreySheeters Anonymous websites.
  • Public Information to edit and correct/update PIC Manual as needed.
  • Structure Committee to ask all delegates remaining after conference whether they want to be in Panel A and serve until 2016 or in Panel B and serve an extra year until 2017. People's choices be taken into consideration when panels are created. Geographic regions be based on personal preference of the majority of current delegates. Panels be based on geography and time zones rather than Intergroups and groups.
  • Literature Committee to continue work on the Group Purpose and return at next conference.

2016 Binding Motions

  • $6,000 limit on donations to GSAWS from any individual GreySheeter annually for any purpose, $8,000 one-time limit as a bequest.
  • World Service Conference be the fall of 2018 in San Francisco provided the associated costs are not exorbitant otherwise the conference will be held same time of year in Chicago.
  • Approve the concept of the Twelve Concepts (not word for word what was read or submitted).
  • Approve the concepts of Public Information two trifolds and two cards (a one-sided and a two-sided card) as small publications: “If You are a Healthcare Professional” trifold; “GSA Suggested Outreach Strategies” trifold; “Can't Stop Eating” one-sided and two-sided.
  • Approve the concept of “Journey into the Daylight.”
  • Approve the concept of the pamphlet “GreySheeters Anonymous: A Solution for Compulsive Eaters.”
  • Approve the concept of an untitled history book that will tell the story of GreySheeters Anonymous and include the omitted chapters from the original concept of the GreyBook: Chapter to the Young Person, Chapter to Families, and the Twelve Concepts of GSA either in long or short form. Literature Committee to work in conjunction with the Archives Committee.
  • Send the Conference Charter back to the Conference Committee to work with the Structure Committee and to report back to World Service Conference 2019. Appendix

2016 Nonbinding Recommendations

  • Board of Trustees to take the summary of the minutes from the transcript of the 2014 meeting and put it in a formal minute format saying these motions were adopted at the 2014 conference and bring those minutes and the minutes of this 2016 conference to the next conference for approval.
  • Use Archives Committee Interview Release Form and Oral History Project Trifold
  • All documents be saved in PDF/A format for Archives.
  • All Committees and Intergroups be supplied with their own archival repository.
  • Communication Committee to work out method for different service groups to update each other on a regular basis, such as a schedule of meetings, an email thread, service areas on, etc. and for different service groups to communicate to keep the webpage up-to-date quarterly.
  • Communication Committee to publish a set of nine guidelines and best practices for using social media as a communications tool in GreySheeters Anonymous.
  • Board of Trustees of Trustees and Communication Committee to work with the web designer to design a website that is more user-friendly for the membership and offers GSAWS and its committees a greater range of options and graphics to post important GSAWS information, including financial information and goals.
  • Finance Committee to form a subcommittee to assess the feasibility and need for a paid office assistant along with an affordable financial budget.
  • Conference Committee to plan World Service Conferences to meet every three years in order to maintain financial sustainability and accountability.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service to find someone to update and maintain the international phone list due to the desire of many members for this important resource.
  • Board of Trustees to look into incorporating GreySheeters Anonymous World Service in another state that is more friendly to 12-step fellowships.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service to look into ways to encourage our members to increase donations in order to grow our fellowship furthering our primary purpose.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Service to continue to listen to the members of the fellowship by use of regular AA-like sharing sessions or some other formal means so that the members have a means of expressing their thoughts and feelings directly.
  • Finance Committee to review and update draft of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service financial guidelines started in 2014 to be completed by the next World Service Conference working with the GSAWS treasurer, Board of Trustees, and other committees as needed
  • Legal Committee and lawyer to look into laws around social media and privacy for 12-step fellowships.
  • Literature Committee to participate in all levels of the literature creative process.
  • Legal Committee to look into having our copyright lawyer send out a cease and desist letter to anyone using the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service trademark (i.e., GreySheet recipe book) or GreySheet copyright without permission (i.e., not changing the copyrighted document) without Board of Trustees approval.
  • Board of Trustees to come up with regular business practices for GreySheeters Anonymous World Service such as what is the per diem travel and approved mileage reimbursement.
  • Conference Committee to look into the feasibility of having a virtual video yearly conference when we cannot meet face-to-face including any legal issues and costs.
  • Pamphlet “If You Are a Healthcare Professional” be listed on under Public Information.
  • “Can't Stop Eating” card one-sided and two-sided be listed on under Public Information.
  • Pamphlet “GSA Suggested Outreach Strategies” be listed on under Public Information.
  • Electronic sharing of documents with Archives as people rotate.
  • Committee chairs to meet monthly or bimonthly on Skype.

2019 Binding Motions

  • Nominate the following qualified candidates for election to the Board of Trustees for the rotating class and officer position listed
    • President: G.M.
    • Vice President: L.L.
    • Treasurer: J.S.
    • Secretary: S.M.
    • Assistant Treasurer: J.M.
    • Assistant Secretary: L.T.
    • Trustee: H.B.
    • Trustee: O.L.
    • Trustee: S.S.
    • Class B Trustee: A.S.
  • Approve the Twelve Concepts of GreySheeters Anonymous as adapted with permission from Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Publish a Report on the Clarification of GreySheet Abstinence written by the GreySheet Committee.
  • Establish a stand-alone Website Committee as a Committee of the World Service Conference.
  • Hire a professional to create a basic GreySheeters Anonymous World Service style guide and a basic set of templates based on the style guide.
  • Structure Committee to review and work on the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference Charter.
  • Next World Service Conference to be held October 16-18, 2020.*
  • Next World Service Conference to be held at the Cenacle Retreat Center in Chicago.*
  • Adopt the document entitled The Process for Approving Draft Minutes for 2019 and Subsequent World Service Conferences of GreySheeters Anonymous as the official process for approving the World Service Conference minutes.
  • Approve the concept of a new long-form piece of literature similar to Alcoholics Anonymous’ Living Sober. The current working title is Living Abstinent.
  • Approve a change to the Conference Approved Literature process to define long-form literature as any literature that is 2000 words or more and short-form literature as any literature of less than 2000 words.
  • Approve the concept of new long-form literature similar to Alcoholic Anonymous’ Daily Reflections. Working title is One Meal at a Time in GreySheeters Anonymous.
  • Establish a stand-alone Nominating Committee, i.e. one that is not a subcommittee of any other World Service Conference committee.
  • Adopt the following method of nominating candidates for the Board of Trustees of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, including its officer positions.
    1. Members of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service may propose themselves or others to serve as a trustee and/or an officer by submitting the nomination form and their service resume as prescribed by the Nominating Committee by February 30 of the year in which their term will start.
    2. The Nominating Committee will screen such candidates for the trustee and/or officer requirements specified in the bylaws.
    3. From those applicants who meet the specified requirements, the Nominating Committee will select those candidates best able to serve the fellowship as trustees and/or officers. Each year, as specified in the bylaws, approximately one third of the trustees will rotate, so the NC will prepare a slate of candidates by March 31 to fill the positions coming open that year. The slate will identify each candidate and the trustee or officer position they have been selected to fill and the expiration of their term.
    4. During years when the World Service Conference meets, the Nominating Committee will submit to the World Service Conference their Report and a Motion to nominate the selected slate of candidates by the deadline set by the Conference Committee for committee reports and motions (typically April for a September conference). Those candidates who are nominated by the delegates at the conference are submitted to the Board of Trustees for election at the conference. Their term of office will begin in October.
    5. During years when the World Service Conference will not meet, the Nominating Committee will submit the selected candidates directly to the Board of Trustees for election by September 30. Their term of office will begin in October.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a Video Forum for reports and questions on October 31, 2020, but no World Service Conference.

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