GreySheet Counts Census 2023

What is it?

Every five years, GreySheeters Anonymous conducts a census of its members. We want to know how many members we have, where we are, how long we have been abstinent, how we found GreySheet, and other information that will be help us carry the message to those who have not yet heard of the GreySheet solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the census used for?

To learn where our GSA members are so we can allocate services to those communities, to learn how our GSA members found GreySheet so we can reach the next compulsive eater, to find out the amount of abstinence we have, and to give our members the opportunity to join our Phone List. We also ask other questions suggested by World Service committees that will help them provide services to our fellowship.

Is it voluntary?

Yes. The primary purpose of the Census is to answer the questions of where we are, how much abstinence we have, and how we can best reach the next compulsive eater. To answer these questions we need, at a minimum, your email address, your country, your abstinence date, and how you first found GreySheet.  The remaining 12 questions are optional, but your World Service committees would really like to know the answers to better serve the fellowship!

What happens to our information? Who sees it? What do you do with it?

Your information is kept confidential. Only the Structure Committee members will see the data so they can compile the results. Reports will not identify any individuals. Examples of the information in the reports would be the number of members in an area, the average abstinence in an area, and how members found GreySheet. For example, in 2018, most GreySheeters found GSA through another member.

Why are you asking for our names?

It is not just a survey of our members, but a census or count, and we need to make sure we count people only once. During our first census in 2018, quite a few people completed the census more than once using different email accounts, leading us to count people more than once. Having names helps us to count each person only once.

What is the GSA Phone List?

The Phone List is a way to connect with other GreySheeters. Members use it to find new sponsors, to connect with members in their area, to find GSA members when they travel or move, to reach people they have heard speaking at meeting, etc. Joining the Phone List is optional. The Phone List is password-protected, and that password changes every 3 months. Your information is never given out. Only participants in the Phone List get the password.

More questions?


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