Board Members

2022-23 GSA World Services Board of Trustees

Updated February 27, 2022.

Name Office Term Ends
Grainne M. President/Chair
Staci L. Vice President/Vice Chair

OPEN Secretary
OPEN Assistant Secretary  
Joyce S. Treasurer
Joey M. Assistant Treasurer 2024
Ania S. Class B Non-Compulsive Eater 2026
Marvin A. Trustee 2026
Debra L. Trustee 2026
Barbara L. Trustee 2026
Maggie M. Trustee 2024

* Up to 16 GSA members and 1 Class B Trustee may serve on the Board. Contact the Nominating Committee ( if you have at least 5 years of back-to-back abstinence and are interested in serving.

Board Liaisons

Every area intergroup and conference committee has a Trustee assigned to serve as its liaison with the Board of Trustees. The following documents outline those assignments and provide trustees, ISRs, and committee chairs the means to coordinate with their Board Liaison.

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