The Group Treasurer

The Spiritual Purpose of a Treasurer

The group treasurer cares for many financial details of the group and is also a vital part of the Twelfth Step work of each group. It is important that the money the treasurer oversees serves a spiritual purpose and helps each group to fulfill its primary purpose—to carry the message to the compulsive eater who still suffers. This is the essential work of GSA and to do this work, GSA must be self-supporting.

Selecting a Group Treasurer

A group treasurer is one of the most necessary positions in any GSA group. There is no standard length of abstinence required for the group member who accepts this position. It is suggested by many groups that the treasurer have at least six months of GS abstinence. In addition, it is also suggested that the group treasurer be a very responsible person who is familiar with the Twelve Traditions and with the principles and practices of the group itself.

Extracted from "The Group Treasurer."

Best Practices for Seventh Tradition Collections

Each group is autonomous and should consider taking a group conscience on whether digital contributions are an option and which platform to use. The guidelines on the Seventh Tradition page are taken from the shared experiences of some virtual meetings in practicing the seventh tradition.

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