Monthly Recurring Donations

There’s an easy way for any GreySheeter to make a monthly recurring donation via PayPal or Text to Donate. If you choose to sign up, a donation will automatically come out of your checking account or credit card each month.

Some GreySheeters have been doing this since 2015 when the practice of monthly recurring donations was first encouraged. These donations are tracked separately. In 2015 and 2016, approximately $8,500 was collected from monthly recurring donations.

Below is a pie chart where you can see the amount of donations that GSAWS had received as of August 31, 2021. In August, 37 GreySheeters contributed $528 bringing the total year-to-date amount contributed from monthly recurring donations to $3,881 this year.

If you are able, please consider setting up a monthly, recurring donation.

Pie chart showing donations by source for 2021: 46% from intergroups, 22% from groups, 11% from individual recurring donations, 21% from individual one-time donations

Monthly Donations by PayPal

On the GSAWS PayPal Donation Page, check the box next to “Make this a monthly donation.”

recurring donation paypal

Monthly Donations by Text (USA Only)

If you prefer text to donate (USA only), you can text NMW to 443-21.  You will be directed our GiveLively Page, where you choose the amount to donate and whether to donate monthly or one-time.

screenshot of GiveLively donation page for GSAWS, showing a $15 monthly donation

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