Intergroup Service Representative

Although each area intergroup is an autonomous entity and decides its own internal policies and procedures, in order to participate in the structure of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, i.e., in matters that affect GSA as a whole, the following apply to the role of ISR.

  1. Each delegate may hold only one delegate position at a time, therefore, if the person elected as ISR is a GSR, they shall resign their position as GSR. (The person elected as ISR does not need to be a GSR at the time of their election although it is suggested that they have served as a GSR and conference delegate.)
  2. The suggested length of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence for an ISR is at least three years when elected but, should an area intergroup elect someone with less than three years of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence, the ISR shall have at least three years of abstinence at the commencement of the next World Service Conference meeting.
  3. The term of office for an ISR as a World Service Conference delegate is two years. The term begins at the close of one World Service Conference meeting (in years when the conference meets) or forum (in the years when the conference does not meet). The term ends at the close of the conference meeting or forum two years later. The ISR shall serve as a voting delegate of the World Service Conference for two years.
  4. The ISR is a member of the World Service Conference decision-making group, Chairs and ISRs. This group meets monthly to consider proposals from the Board of Trustees and World Service Conference committees. The ISR discusses these proposals with the GSRs in their intergroup and brings the feedback to the Chairs and ISRs meeting.
  5. ISRs may raise issues that arise in their intergroup for input from the Chairs and ISRs group. These discussions may lead to committees developing proposals to address the issue.
  6. Intergroups shall elect the incoming ISR six months prior to the end of the current ISR’s term. The incoming ISR shall serve as ISR-elect until their term begins. The current ISR shall mentor the ISR-elect in preparation for their service. Outgoing ISRs shall serve as ISRs-emeritus for six months after the end of their term to support the transition.
  7. If the incoming ISR is already a GSR serving on a World Service Conference committee, they may continue their current service, i.e., they are not required to serve the same committee as the current ISR.
  8. The positions of ISR-elect and ISR-emeritus are not voting positions in the World Service Conference, except when serving as an alternate for the current ISR. This includes any assembly where the ISR would normally vote, such as the Chairs/ISRs business meeting. An intergroup may make the positions of ISR-elect and ISR-emeritus voting members of their intergroup.
  9. The maximum number of consecutive full terms as ISR shall be two. There is no lifetime limit on the number of full terms as ISR. This policy shall take effect upon approval and shall apply to all current chairs (2020). This policy is not retroactive and shall not apply to those who have served as ISR prior to 2020.
  10. Approximately one half of intergroups shall be in Panel X and one half in Panel Y. The ISRs of those intergroups in Panel X shall rotate in odd years and those in Panel Y in even years.
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