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"Meeting Makers Make It" is a popular saying in all 12-Step programs for a reason. Meetings are one of the most important tools for recovery in GreySheeters Anonymous, so much so that many sponsors advise newcomers to attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Even if you live in an area without in-person meetings, there are several meetings each day that take place on the telephone and through video conferencing.

During a meeting, we share about our own experience, strength, and hope. We avoid commenting on other members' shares, which is known as "cross talk," except to identify with the qualification by thanking the speaker and sharing similar experiences of our own. Many meetings place a strong emphasis on positive pitches for abstinence, but we do share when we are having a hard time but still not eating no matter what.

Meetings may have a special focus such as problems with GS-abstinent substances, or be aimed at a subset of GSA members, such as men in GSA, women over 50, newcomers, or oldtimers. Meetings also follow different formats: qualification/discussion, speaker-only, literature, or meditation. 

If you are new to GreySheeters Anonymous or food recovery, read What to Expect at a GSA Meeting before you attend your first GSA meeting. Some meetings have specific guidelines, which will be read out by the meeting leader or included in the meeting format. These guidelines are also included in the meeting's listing under "Find a Meeting." 

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