GSA Phone List

The GSA Phone List is a service of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services accessible through There are more than 800 GreySheeters Anonymous members of the list around the world. The list provides first name, city and state or country, email address, phone number, and abstinence date. The list may be accessed through a browser on a computer, tablet, or phone or it may be downloaded to a device and printed. Access requires a username and password provided only to current members.

Members’ information is verified annually.

Purpose of the List

The purpose of the GSA Phone List is to facilitate GreySheeters Anonymous members in staying in touch with each other. Members report using it to:

  • Find a new or temporary sponsor
  • Meet other GreySheeters in their area to start a new group or intergroup
  • Find other GreySheeters when they travel for informal meetings, local information, and support staying abstinent in that area and time zone
  • Get in touch with other GreySheeters whom they have heard speak at a meeting, event or on a recording who have experience with a challenge to abstinence, such as pregnancy, illness, aging, travel, family or work issues, eating out,

Membership of the List

The GSA Phone List is a contact list of current, active members of GreySheeters Anonymous. That is, to register for GSA Phone List, a person has a qualified GreySheeters Anonymous sponsor and is weighing and measuring three meals a day from the GreySheet.

There is no minimum abstinence requirement for registering for the GSA Phone List. A member may constantly update their abstinence date. However, the GSA Phone List is not a contact list for people who are exploring GreySheeters Anonymous, for those working other programs for food addiction and compulsive eating, or for those who are not actively trying to be GreySheet abstinent. The GSA Phone List is not like a GreySheeters Anonymous Group for which the only membership requirement is the desire to stop eating compulsively.

If you are just exploring the idea of the GSA program, feel free to reach out to one of our Area Contacts instead.

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