On The GS Beam

Hi all,

[Anonymous] here from nyc a&g on the GS & I DENMW.  I am so peaceful today.  GS clarity & selfcare are kicked into high gear just for today.  I'm so enjoying my new abstinent tool of a mobile phone.  Just got it this weekend & get lots of free hours.  So guess what?  Now I attend the 9pm telephone mtgs as well as the weekend ones & can make outreach calls long distance & if someone is in my network I get perks all the time.  Adding this to my regular nyc meetings & it makes me feel like I'm in a GS cocoon-safe, warm & snug.

My sponsor told me that her cell phone is a vital abstinent tool & I agree.  Since I'm also recovering from social, sexual, & emotional anorexia, I'm out more than before & I need to be able to make those emergency food calls to fellow GSers with 90+ days of b2b GS abstinence before I make any decisions about my food.  I feel so free today in spite of the discipline of the GSA food plan.  There is truly freedom in discipline for this recovering co.  So once again, I'm grateful to be abstinent, sober, & solvent & one day at a time in recovery.

One day at a time it's now 8 years & 9 months of b2b miraculous GS abstinence.  GS recovery is such a blessing & I don't know what took me so long to get it but everything happens in God's good, pleasing, & perfect time.  I feel so good to knowing that there are still possibilities for fun, service, love & challenges in my life as long as I remain on the GS beam.


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